ARCO Pizza Oven
  • ARCO Pizza Oven

    The ARCO Oven is a wood-burning oven made of stainless steel.  Its unique design stands out from the rest, allowing you to adjust its air flow and heat.  This allows control of the temperature inside the oven by simply adjusting the handle to change the amount of airflow throughout the oven.



    Inside Dimensions: 36” wide x 24” deep x 15” high Cooking Surface (right side): 24-30” wide x 24” deep Fire Area (left side): 6-12” x 24” deep
    Door Opening: 19” wide x 8” high in the center Outside Dimensions: 42.5” wide x 34” deep x 24” high Mounting Dimensions: 39.5” wide x 26.5” deep 

    Flue: Stainless steel double wall 12” tall x 5” dia. with stainless steel 5” diameter rain cap
    Maximum Temperature: 800°F
    Weight: (with bricks) 521 lbs.



    Inside of the oven is made from 11ga. 304 stainless steel 

    Outside of the oven is made from 14ga. 304 stainless steel Insulation: 2” of ceramic fiber throughout
    All hardware is 1⁄4-20 304 stainless steel 

    SIX (6) food-grade oven bricks, each @ 12”x12”x2.5